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Art Book Online Catalog was born to be a reference in the world of Arts, with just one click, it can be consulted by Gallery owners and Art lovers around the World.

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Art Book
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- Artists coming from the Five Continents.
- Great quality printing and design.

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Waylight Gallery
Online Gallery

We will continue our journey and continue to Show Your Art, with a Globalized coverage, through the Waylight Gallery, our Online Gallery!

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Organization, Realization and Curatorship of National and International Exhibitions
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Show your Art to the World!

Geni Settanni
Founding Partner

About Us

The creation of Waylight comes from over thirty years of experience in the field of Arts, as Art Gallery Directors, Cultural Producers, Curators of International Events, International Contests Organizers and International Art Book Publishers.

The founders of Waylight, beyond academic formation in Plastic and Visual Arts, add to their knowledge, the experience of decades in the Organization of International Exhibitions, Salons, Art Shows and Art Fairs.

Waylight works with Cultural Centers and Art Galleries in Europe and the Americas, with the aim to Organize, Insert, Publicize and Promote the Art Events, the Shows and Artists of all the areas.

Because we believe that the Artist needs a work of continuity, is not enough only producing the Works, we need to take this production to the public, globally, through a continuous work in European Countries and also in the Americas.

Only the visibility of the Work brings the recognition, and makes the Artist, an Art Professional. The Waylight aims to provide this visibility to the Artist and his Work, giving him the opportunity to Show his Work with the dignity that deserves to have.